Hello, I'm Andrea and with my family, Matt (husband), Billie (daughter), 13 & Georgie (daughter), 9... This project "Oh My Vegan!" has been a lovely addition to our family.

My story started when I decided to stop eating meat in January 2007 while watching Animal Planet. It just came over me as a sudden revelation that I wanted to have nothing to do with anyone dying for my dinner. I remember thinking how strange it was that it had never dawned on me before.

I haven't eaten meat since. In 2008 it was suggested to me that cutting out dairy may help my breastfed 4 month old baby to feel better. I did and it worked! However, I was instantly searching for 'dairy free chocolate' online and my first order from the 'Cruelty Free Shop' included a small leaflet on the abhorrent practices on dairy farms. I became vegan! It was never a struggle for me, I found it easy from the get-go, however, I know this isn't everyone's experience.

There is a lot of emotion connected to what we eat - memories, comfort, many positive feelings are brought about by the sight, smell and taste of certain foods. I started making vegan versions of the foods I wanted to eat. 

In starting 'Oh My Vegan!', we aim  to help people make positive choices for animals and our planet, without any feelings of struggle or deprivation.